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Message Subject The next false flag will be at a Gay Pride parade.
Poster Handle Off Me Face!
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This if from GLP'er - CHUMPISME -

Banners, airplanes ready to warn about upcoming 'Gay Day' @ Disney

Banners, airplanes ready to warn about upcoming 'Gay Day' -
A pro-family organization is gearing up to issue its annual warning that the first weekend of June is no time to be at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

David Caton, who heads the Florida Family Association (FFA), tells OneNewsNow the the annual "Gay Day" is just around the corner.

"On Saturday, June 1st, there will be approximately 10,000-12,000 LGBT people -- lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgenders -- in the Magic Kingdom," he reports. "They'll be wearing a lot of different shirts and hats promoting their various alternative lifestyles."

Every year, Caton's group hears from families who enter the park only to discover they are surrounded by homosexuals because they did not know about the event in advance. Finding that their family vacation has been spoiled, they make a quick exit. So, the FFA has hired two aircraft to fly over the area with banners printed in English and Spanish to warn anyone nearby, just as it did last year.

"Those airplanes will fly on Friday almost the entire day, both planes, and then pretty much ... the beginning half of Saturday," the family advocate details. "It's been a very effective tool. Attendance has been down significantly. Even attendance by Gay Day patrons has been down significantly this last time we did it."

Caton asserts that the pro-homosexual activists aim to have a captive audience of traditional families and their children at the family-oriented theme park in order to expose them to their lifestyle.
- See more at: [link to www.onenewsnow.com]

Comments:... for great justice.2 days ago

We need to take a page from the Gosnell trial.

Now that the publics' eyes have been opened to the tawdry reality behind 'womans' choice' many are completely reversing their stances and becoming pro-Life.

Similarly, homos*xual special rights have always come when camouflaged by lies.

What the public needs is a strong dose of the mentally and medically diseased reality of homos*xuality.

While we can never forget our moral objections and our religious objections to s*xual deviancy, in the upside-down world of the courtroom, we need a completely objective basis to defend traditional values.

I submit that we have three VERY good, objective and QUANTIFIABLE arguments against placing the governmental stamp of approval on this deviant behavior.

1) Homos*xuality is heavily, heavily diseased.

Even though homos*xual make up 2, perhaps 3 percent of the population, they are responsible for TWO THIRDS of all new HIV and TWO THIRDS of all new Syphilis infections, translating into an HIV infection rate of FORTY FOUR TIMES that over Normal people. One in five homos*xuals is ALREADY HIV infected. The average homos*xual will have a 50 percent chance of contracting HIV by the age of 50 and will die, on average, some 20 years earlier than his Normal peers. Of all the groups that contract AIDS and HIV, all other groups, such as injected drug users and prostitutes, have their infection rates going down. It is ONLY the homos*xuals who have an INCREASING HIV infection rate. (Just visit websites such as the CDC, AVERT ORG, THE BODY, WebMD, GAYTERRIBLETRUTH, and so forth to confirm these facts).

2) Homos*xuality is costly and affects Normals in negative ways.

The cost of treating any HIV infected homos*xual exceeds $600,000, and, year in and year out, MILLIONS of tax dollars are diverted from taxpayers pockets and pocketbooks, and just as importantly, from other fields of medical research and treatment.

In addition to financial costs, recent research coming out of Africa reveals that a major contributing factor to the heteros*xual transmission of the HIV virus is by closeted bis*xuals, who engage in homos*xual acts, contract the virus and then come home and pass the virus onto their unsuspecting wives, who in turn, will pass the disease on to their infants through their milk.

3) Perhaps worst of all, has been the unerring trajectory homos*xuals have had towards young boys. From the days of ancient Greece, homos*xuals have preferred young boys to adult women for s*xual gratification. More recently, the Gay Rights Platform of 1972 included the abolition of age of consent laws and anti-sodomy laws. The North American Man-Boy Love Association, an organization championing the 'right' to pederasty, marched with other Gay organizations until it became a danger to the rest of Gay rights, but they are back now under the guise of B4U-ACT, which is pushing the APA to de-list pederasty from their catalog of mental diseases and conditions, as well as legalizing -- as they put it -- 'intergenerational intimacy.' That should not be too difficult, since even former APA presidents have acknowledged that it has been taken over by Gay activists since 1973 and in 1998, the APA even published the Rind Study, which asserted that child molestation was not necessarily a bad thing for children.

4) There is nothing so effective as visuals. Homos*xuals gladly portray themselves in public at such events as FOLSOM STREET FAIR and UP YOUR ALLEY. The public needs to see what homos*xuality IS and what they are voting FOR when they vote to legalize so-called homos*xual marriage.

5) Lastly, the end station for most homos*xuals is the final stages of the myriad diseases they contract. If possible, show examples of 'Kaposis' Sarcoma' and their other diseases. As distasteful as those images may be, remember those are the TRUTH about homos*xuality, not the unicorns and rainbows they are being camouflaged by
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