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Message Subject Coca Cola anti illuminati!!!! Subliminal message...... OMG
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't see it as a bad message toward us, but toward "them". There is a war going on behind the scenes between TPTB, and even within the ranks of the illuminati themselves, not all of them are bad, some of them want good for humanity, but most of them do not. I realised this a while back when I thought about how the gods would war among themselves, some were for humanity, and others did not care about mankinds fate. Not all of the gods had the power to change things, they were too far on the bottom of the ruling class. I am glad they made this commercial, that gives me hope that some of the ones that are on top, they do want to preserve what we have left, not destroy humanity. I think I may stick to coke products, well done.
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