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Message Subject Coca Cola anti illuminati!!!! Subliminal message...... OMG
Poster Handle shyrlymyrly
Post Content
So you think that one of the most successful companies in the world is anti New World Order?
Let me explain something to you. When people will stand up and create revolution against the elite there will be civil war, something like Syria. They try to kill you with food, air, water, drugs, but this isn't working. So why not civil war? They create chaos and will establish order. Then when they will kill off everybody who is against NWO in civil war with the guns and bombs of the latest technology, they will establish new government with new rules. Everybody who is pro NWO will get chipped and will be able to live "normally", but those who will oppose it, will starve and fight until they die.
They are the ones who tell you everything they will do and have done. "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS", don't forget that. Communism in Russia was established by revolution. People are so stupid, they think they can change anything. This elite doesn't care, they have murdered presidents. Learn from them, they are very wise and smart. Use the same techniques. You must play by their rules... There are no rules. Create your own secret society.
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