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Message Subject Coca Cola anti illuminati!!!! Subliminal message...... OMG
Poster Handle R&y
Post Content
I think it was in the 70's when I read a book titled "The Coca-Cola Wars" The book was about how the US government using the CIA and our military overthrew and controlled governments in Central and South America for the benefit of companies like United Fruit, Dole, and Coca-Cola.

Millions of dollars and maybe even tens of millions of dollars has gone into the production of these commercials, everything has probably been analyzed and tested by physiologists and sociologists to ensure the correct message is conveyed to the masses.

Sugar, replaced by high fructose corn syrup, replaced by aspartame, replaced by naturally sweet, artificial colors and flavors, packaged in a container that messes up your hormones.

Be assured that anything Coca-Cola does is not done for your benefit.
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