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Message Subject Coca Cola anti illuminati!!!! Subliminal message...... OMG
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
there is a deeper meaning in that ad but both of them are about changing ones habits

as the 'chair' got guys attention telling a story about control and stuff but actually broke up guys 'bad habit' for a moment - reaching for coke, but then the guys emotional reaction (stand up) makes him reach for coke once again

(he ofcourse is blind that his sugar level controls him even more than chair but he is fing so brave to take his ass from the chair)

well, this ad is not anti-imoominati, they actually laugh at your face!
this is happening right now, they tell stories about control and manipualtion to make you more aware, but because of the bad habits people going back to that ad's coke after they've heard a story, right? so they can tell another story about how they control everything but they know that you dont know that 'stand up' is fing stupid cause its not about the chair, its about the habits and the coke, if you hear me.

anyway, there is a similar loop leading to heavy obesity: lying to oneself, emotional reaction on truth, self/agression, denying truth, lying to oneself and so on
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