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Message Subject Sandy Hook was a sacrifice of young Souls!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Op, I agree with you in part. Sandy Hook ele school was/is a satanic temple, and the town is heavily involved in the occult. However, I believe this was a false flag, in another attempt to pass more gun legislation. They want our guns so it will be easier for them (the beast and his minions) to set up their NWO. Both the Aurora (batman) shooting, and the Sandy Hook shooting were for this purpose imho. The Boston Marathon FF was a rehearsal for Martial Law, under the guise of terrorist that they used on 911.

We may disagree if anyone actually died at Sandy Hook. It is of my opinion that no one died - it was all faked. They were crisis actors, working for the occult and DHS. Since they were actors, I do not believe anyone actually died, plus the evidence I believe also supports this.

Check out my thread from awhile back and view the vids, then let me know what you think?

Thread: Wanted - Better Crisis Actors......
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