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Message Subject Secret Schools and Secret Societies where started by Aliens
Poster Handle chung
Post Content
more please
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 38488585

Solomon or the person from which the character was lifted was heavily influenced by an ally, the king of Tyre. The said kingdom was a secret stronghold of reptilian greys from Tyrantor. Solomon amassed gold and much of this wealth became the collateral of banksters.

When another faction lost control, it would raise up avatars or mind controlled warriors who will then conquer and confiscate gold. Think of Attila the Hunt, Genghis Khan, even Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon Bonaparte turned out to have been implanted with alien object. He could have been mind controlled.

- [link to weeklyworldnews.com]

Regarding Tyrantor, it was part of Unholy Six, an alliance somewhere in Orion that long time ago created supercomputers that took care of all planetary logistics for a complete automated civilization.

"..a small group of scientists on Tyrantor who were in charge of the functioning of the master computer decided to take over the Galactic Administration through the use of the computer and thereby rule the people of many planets. They would be the real rulers, while the mechanical brain they controlled would be the puppet of the Empire. They knew that the people-most of them anyway-would never question orders coming from the computer, for they had followed such orders for centuries and knew nothing else."

- [link to library.antiquatis.org]

Isn't it any wonder why the NWO adherents would like to corporatize all resources and chip humanity? They would even go so far as turn humanity into robotic beings connected to hived mind controlled by supercomputers:

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