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they think that the human race was started by aliens visiting from another planet.
but which planet did they come from?
Sumerians started 6000 years ago.
so why haven't they returned?
and how long does it take for their journey?
why aliens on flying saucers go to all the trouble of flying to this planet but never bother to land??
what do they see that makes them afraid to land on our surface?
 Quoting: BRUNO 39978294

*and god created us in his image* which was perfected through hundreds of thousands of tedious years of super slow evolution.

Also, one would believe that traveling here isn't necessarily a problem. We were given free-will, we are supposed to govern this planet for the most part - not 'them.'

But yeah, I would like to know when they are planning on a family reunion again as well.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6264001

The correct quote is "THEY creates us in Their image". The singular version is a typical manipulated by the church.

In the Sumerian transcripts the Annunaki specifically state that they began as primordial beings. Then developed over time.

When they encountered the primitive human on earth they said "look! They are just like we once were!"

The annunaki didn't make us from scratch. They spliced their own DNA with our evolutionary ancestors. It took them thousands of years to get it right. All well documented. They wiped out their failed attempts.

Once they had a mixture for a descent worker (black people) they went with it.

Later on they mated with certain slaves and created whites. They themselves were white. Then the flood came. The remaining line that survived (Noah) was cross bred again, creating modern whites.

That is why there is such a massive evolutionary difference among the races.

All well documented in many ancient creation writings. Not just Sumerians.

Read the Tribe of Akakakor for more info.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23145898

^ What I really want to know is how blood type plays into this.
Do you have a theory on that?
 Quoting: Seeking 1437837

The RH negative blood types are simply a more pure line of Annunaki offspring.

They don't have the remaining original prototype strain.
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