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oh well, there is an alternative...Genesis..
 Quoting: MBECCU 40133835

Well Genesis 6 talks about Aliens aka: "the sons of God". The bible was just a book of moral guidelines and not to be taken literally/ It's really quite clear to anyone with any scientific knowledge that we were created to survive on this planet & this happens on all over the universe with other beings that have been genetically altered to survive and thrive on there planets. We humans are a very young race & there are races that are billions of years more advanced than us - only now are we altering DNA flying off world with the assistance of more advanced races.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3568668

First of all, sons of God are angels. Second of all there is no signs or writings that we have been visited by aliens or another race. If you are into science and ancient languages show me ONE proof that we have been visited by aliens. Show me PROOF!

Angels, aliens, ET's, EBE's whatever earthly title you put on them they are still off world people & thru "SCIENCE" not magic or supernatural powers advanced us over the course of history. It's people with closed minds like yours that are to blame for the governments not being able to disclose the facts.. Religious nut jobs would just lose it when they find out that Jesus was most likely an alien hybrid placed on this planet to instill moral code and conduct & the so called miracles are just physics & material sciences that only few here are only now exploring. Every religion has a being or being that appears in a beam of light from over-head (aliens) It's funny how ignorant and gullible some people are to be able to follow a fantasy god but when presented with science or fact they close down. One day hopefully in our lifetime we will all be told the truth that some already know. We are a created race, nothing more.. God/super advanced beings helped us along the way to advance & every so often would interject and upgrade our DNA and intelligence - the blue eye gene can only be traced back 10,000yrs, an apparent genetic upgrade.
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