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Graphs Which Show Imminent Demise

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United States
05/17/2013 10:34 AM
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Graphs Which Show Imminent Demise
Religion is a mania; it is a sickness purporting to be love. It has been this in the past, and will continue to be this in these last few years before a great destruction comes.

Christianity is just another form of Relgious terrorism and I fear I am part of that terrorism. I have seen that the Bible has destroyed people for over 4000 years with it's horrid terrorist tactics; and then it called it love.

And I don't mean that Muslims are the only terrorist. Christianity is a terrible terrorist. It clouds our minds and turns our thoughts to 'End Times' and threats, curses and meanness. It turns nice people rancid in its holy embalming oil. Before, they were nicer. After the 'annointing' with the rancid oil, their spirit starts to turn bitter behind their smile mask.

And, sadly, my own mind is set on terrorism as well. Everywhere I turn, I can only see the end of times. I am just a part of this horrid antichrist engine that the monsters of relgion have created. I am in the center of that whorlpool. I am evil, they are evil... all is evil. Everybody contributes to the monster called God whether they are scientists, antichrists, Christians, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims or Athiests. We're all in the horrible much created by fear. And the master at the top of that horrid stinking pile of fear is God, the evil master of it all. A God created by human fear, which seems to be. yet is nothing at all. We are being destroyed by NOTHING.

The great I AM mythology that destroyed the planet.

The graphs are all so simple. Science, religion and progress have all destroyed us. I can see nothing but what they all taught me. All this sickness is my vision now. Every chart I make shows just when it will happen. Not that I can say 'the world will end'... but I can see that it will be a hard thing for us as a civilized society to pass more than another 300 years into the future without many billions going down.

I have been taught by these religious insane zealots all-too-well. On one side are the scientific zealots, who see nothing; and on the other are the terrorist religious factions who are all insane. And we all end up seeing nothing at all, no hope because we have all been taught to be blind by all systems.

Does anybody see the clear sky any more? Does anybody see innocence any more? Relgion destroys all capability of seeing kindness. If you see kindness, blessed are you. If your tongue is not a double-edged sword, blessed are you. But I have lost my eyes. I see only evil people with religious masks on weilding a deadly terrorist sword of damnation and 'End Times' prophesies. And I am one of them.

If you aren't part of the monster; blessed are you.

I remember, years ago, I used to love. Now? I just see that we are all going down. I can prove it in so many ways. How can you tell it? Because people get insanely religious whenever things start plummeting downwards. Relgion is a terrorist's mindset. It is when we can no longer see, or believe, that kindness is anywhere.

Religion is the utmost in stupidity; but science is a close second.

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