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Bes, Ptah - Ancient KMT - its origins and the Twa & Batwa

Anonymous Coward
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05/17/2013 05:00 PM
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Bes, Ptah - Ancient KMT - its origins and the Twa & Batwa
The Oldest Gods

Negrito Gods - Bes and Ptah

The oldest known fossil remains, according to Dr. Louis Leakey, were found in the Olduvai Gorge region in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. These first "small stature" people were known as the "Twa", who worshipped the God Bes.

the earliest form of Ptah the God of Gods. The Twa, are modern humans or Homo sapiens sapiens. They are a diminutive Africoid people residing in the rain forests of Central Africa. Related groups live in South and Southeast Asia.

We also find this same black God, Ptah (Twa), symbolized in the mystery system in Egypt. The Twa are said to have migrated the four thousand one hundred miles of the Nile river, establishing what was later to become the Egyptian civilization.

The cult of Saint Bessus in northern Italy represents the Christianization of the cult associated with Bes; St. Bessus was also invoked for fertility, and Bessus and Bes are both associated with an ostrich feather in their iconography.

The Balearic island of Ibiza derives its actual name from the Negrito God - Bes(Bisu). Later Romans called it Ebusus

The Twa exported the most ancient God Bes into Asia, Europe and the Americas.