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Subject can someone help me think of a good title for Alien Prequel Reboot?
Poster Handle Free Planet
Post Content
Alien Prequel Reboot - David Cronenberg to direct - set in Satanic New York, London, Paris, Munich...

a couple of weeks ago, I came up with the amazing (or so I thought) Forget Prometheus post, it was a chucklesome yarn of pre-historic giger-man in the Garden of Eden.

It was all right and kinda served an exculpatory purpose but since then, I've got OBSESSED with the idea that, "If only David Cronenberg had been offered the Alien Sequel or Alien Prequel." you know rather than Aliens or Prometheus having been made, respectively.

Had Giger's people put the artist together with Cronenberg's people in the 1980's we might have got something that was more related to the Giger paintings' ethos of biogeometry derived from visceral sexual union.

READ ON... [link to mikephilbin.blogspot.co.uk]
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