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Message Subject Motherload of Cutting Edge Disclosure Information never released anywhere before!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The whole Wingmakers saga and scenario was a fabrication. It was a marketing idea that evolved a life of its own, but it was NEVER based on facts.

Sure, the author, who I personally spoke to about it, was well read on current 'out there' stuff, but he confessed to me that it was fiction based on fact.

Naruda, Sarah - all of them - fictional characters.

I'm not saying that the info they gathered is not good, or that their video editing tech is bad - I'm just saying you need to separate the truth from the fiction.
 Quoting: InCogNeatOh

All that really matter is that The WingMakers mythology is an encoded work, which is to say, that there are frequencies of light and sound that are woven into the music, chamber paintings, philosophy, story, and poetry. These frequencies are subtle in that they are... they are felt more by the heart than they are reasoned by the mind.

Those who review the materials with only their mind, especially a mind that is settled in the historical view of God and Spirit, they will find a very different experience than one who brings both their heart and mind and releases historical views.

Mythologies and stories are actually the preferred communication of Lyricus because they can appear more innocent without the usual embroidery of fact-checking, mental analysis, comparison, and so forth which are all attributes of the intellect and the ego. To the extent possible, we try to diminish the possibility that the ego and intellect dominate the interpretation of the materials.

You see, the historical mind is weighed down by the words and opinions of thousands of writers from the beginning of human history. The real import of the WingMakers materials is to, in effect, dislodge the person from the historical mind and move them into a sense of connection to their higher Self and the Spirit that supports it. In doing this, the person can more easily access the tone of equality or the intuitive faculty inside their heart which opens the channel to the Living Truth.
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