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Message Subject Has God been portrayed as an Alien?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Has God been shown to us in TV and movies and we have not picked up the signs?

My earliest recollection of God being portrayed was on My Favorite Martian. A humanoid looking Alien crash lands Near Los Angeles and gets picked up by a reporter who takes him in and hides his alien origin from friends. Martin The Martian had abilities to move objects with his mind. He has two retractable antennas that he could become invisible, levitate among other powers. He made devices to levitate without the use of his fingers. Here is the Antenna concept shown in a painting.

[link to i1349.photobucket.com]

The next was in The Flintstones. The Great Gazoo. Most Recently Paul is another Version of it. Set in a different time. Same Concept.
The Great Gazoo is tiny and green with Atennas and can float. He created a Doomsday machine and was banished to earth. Gazoo refers to Fred & Barney as Dum-Dums. He can materialize and dematerialize objects, teleport among other abilities. The Only people that could see him was Fred, Barney and the children because they believe in him.

Paul also had the same 2 characters, kinda dum dums who pick up an Alien who has escaped a secret facility. Paul has the Ability to bring things back to life, cures blindness and is able to dematerialize.

Old paintings have shown us god as an alien being or not from this earth.
[link to i1349.photobucket.com]
[link to i1349.photobucket.com]

Star Wars has Yoda and we know that Yoda is the teacher of Wisdom,. The Teacher of Knowledge. An extremely wise and knowledgable person, esp. a mentor
If you know anything about the Occult and how movies has always shown us the coming events. Is it possible Lucas & Spielberg must have had some insight int the Occult?
This is Baphomet taken from the Satanic Bible, this is who they worship, The Goat.
[link to i1349.photobucket.com]

If you turn the pentagram upside down and turn it into a star, you see Yoda. Or as we know him as YHWH
The horns have been removed on the flip to hide the deception.
[link to i1349.photobucket.com]


If you turn a pentagram upside down, you get the Star
 Quoting: we're screwed

Good your catching on. Your government knows what they have done. They are being tries gods judgment. Expect us. I know not when he will call upon me to bring my wrath for the theft of my body. But I know they shall cower in fear as gods mighty words burn their ears with greatness. They will bow you all shall
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