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Message Subject Do you think the aliens will torture humans?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Not for fun, but for purpse. Some will be sent to hair farms, having their body pupmed with rogain to accelerate hair growth until it will be harvested once a month while you live in cages with a mechanical shaver outside the hole where you head pops out will shave your head.

They will farm our flem, mucous. Chained and kept artificially alive they will stress our lungs with chemicals to produce mucous and flem which will then be harvested for their hair products. Your life will consist of being artificaally kept alive while your bodies stressed to produce these different fluids, be it flem, hair, or imune responses.

They will not care for our suffereing as we were put in this universe to benefit the strong, they being superior than us it is our fate.
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