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Message Subject Do you think the aliens will torture humans?
Poster Handle Council on Foreign Relations
Post Content
those bitchy ass demons better not try to eat my soul
 Quoting: Elisabetta

that's just it, they aren't just curious about you scientifically, they have vast knowledge of metaphysics.

After they torture you they will send your soul to hell, they will not just torture your body they will torture your soul.

Most people simply don't want to believe something like this could be true, so they just live in denial, and the aliens like it that way, they would prefer you live in denial of such things. If you realized it was true you would have your guard up, your hair would be standing on end right now.

But your soul is real and it can be a source of energy to them, a source of power.

Have you ever had a dream, where you suddenly realized you were not in control? How can you not be in control of your own dream? In the same way, in the dream of the afterlife, you can become a slave. And the torture and death of the body is nothing compared to that.
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