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Message Subject If I Ever Met an Alien Who wanted To Become Human...
Poster Handle KonspiracyKitty
Post Content
I'm taking steps to remove myself from this horrible life permanently, and I can't wait to go.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37911029

I understand what you're saying, life does suck. As the Buddhists say: Life is suffering. We are all very unlucky that we were born.

However, you can't take steps to end your own live without contributing to the suffering, both of yourself and more importantly of others.

Furthermore, we do not know what's on the other side. I'm not a member of any religion, but I do recognize there's a .0001% chance one of them might be right. Pretty much all religions say bad things happen to people who commit suicide. If living through another 60 or so sucky years can help stave of the chance, no matter how small, of living an eternity of unimaginable suckiness, you gotta stick around. This is temporary. We don't know if what's on the other side is temporary too though.

Don't risk it, not worth it.
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