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Subject Hi. From Canada, don't post often, UFO, i need help identifying what this could be.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Me and significant other, outside down the street in a far out town i moved to from the city, which has no streetlights on that street. Significant other inspects, it disappears when about 6 feet from it. Walks away, it goes back, no apparent light source outside and it's cloudy here.... once you go up to the glass on the house it seemed to possibly be coming from, there was nothing shining out of the glass and when in motion there was no light reflection coming from anything inside the window. The light did not shine on something far away, it trailed as a whole, and did not meet another target that was seen, just floated.

Beautiful trail of warm light, blinking and swaying in an almost infinity symbol like motion...slowly leaving trail of red light behind it's blinking form.

So, help with thinking of something other than E.T this could of been please and thank you.
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