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Whites To Be The New Minority

Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/20/2013 12:50 AM
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Re: Whites To Be The New Minority

[link to www.youtube.com]

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United States
05/20/2013 12:54 AM
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Re: Whites To Be The New Minority
@Daath I honestly can't imagine why you have so much negative karma.

Maybe in numbers, that may be true, but we will never ever be a minority in work ethic, pride, lnventiveness, creativity, imagination, ingenuity and technology.

Without the white race the rest of the world would sink into savagery and barbarism.
 Quoting: davvi

true that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40147646

That's arrogant.
 Quoting: Kamon

I would beg the question of naming a predominately black country that is not beyond 3rd world with burnings in the street for being maybe gay, or maybe they stole a chicken. There is none. Detroit is a prime example of decay.
 Quoting: deathpossum

Did you not see what NATO did to Libya? Africa is not a lost cause, it's kept on its knees for the profit of the few. And Detroit is not a country.

@Daath I honestly can't imagine why you have so much negative karma.

Maybe in numbers, that may be true, but we will never ever be a minority in work ethic, pride, lnventiveness, creativity, imagination, ingenuity and technology.

Without the white race the rest of the world would sink into savagery and barbarism.
 Quoting: davvi

true that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40147646

That's arrogant.
 Quoting: Kamon

Ur dumb.
 Quoting: deathpossum

Keep up the great work.

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United States
05/20/2013 12:54 AM
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Re: Whites To Be The New Minority
Negative Karma you say? Karma as in "what goes around, comes around?"

Tell me what part was negative. I merely state my thoughts like everybody else here.

If I post what you like then it is being positive? I believe that we all have been handed an illusion. Some of us has been taught that we are not good enough. Some of us has been taught that we are better than others.

I merely try to be informative to both sides. Do I hate whites? I have said many times, how can I when my daughter is half white. What I state are facts. At least facts of today. (as we know they could change by tomorrow...scientists-its how they roll!)

But truth is important to me. And if I have to be all by myself, and the only one left standing for what I believe, so be it.

Last Edited by Daath on 05/20/2013 01:25 AM
Being Black is not a race, it is Daath - the dark abyss from which all that was created, created.

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United States
05/20/2013 01:03 AM
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Re: Whites To Be The New Minority
"shut up racist.
ignorance is not a deformation."

No thanks. I'll keep typing.

What exactly does "ignorance is not a deformation" mean?

Whits bring civilization wherever they go - Browns/Blacks bring filth, crime, corruption, and destruction wherever they go. Look at Mexico or any Black-run city/state/nation.e

Nigerian parents throw acid on their children when they suspect them of "witchcraft" - but we're all the same inside! We all bleed red! Diversity is our strength!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 39935861

Every time I here this statement, it tells me who fell asleep in history class...

I am only going to give you a partial list here but I have more pages of your recorded wars, including your invasions and death and diseases:

Western Wars, Tyrants, Rebellions and Massacres (800-1700 CE)

Before the rise of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and the rest of the gang, these atrocities were the bywords of barbarism. Now that populations have gotten bigger and body counts have grown proportionally, they don't seem that bad; however, this says more about us than it does about them.

Charlemagne (768-814 CE)
Gibbon Decline & Fall v5, also Trager, People's Chronology: 4,500 Saxon hostages beheaded (782 CE)
Wars of the Carolingian Succession (840-843 CE)
Gibbon Decline and Fall vol.5, Ch. XLIX: The wars killed 100,000 Franks
William the Conqueror, (r.1066-87) the Harrying of the North: 100,000 [make link]
Ordericus Vitalis, The ecclesiastical history of England and Normandy (written ca. 1110-1142) Trans. Thomas Forester (H.G. Bohn, 1854) vol. 2, p.28
While putting down a rebellion in northern England, "Insurgents fell beneath his vengeful sword, he levelled their places of shelter to the ground, wasted their lands, and burnt their dwellings with all they contained.... In the fullness of his wrath he ordered the corn and cattle... to be collected in heaps and set on fire till the whole was consumed... There followed, consequently, so great a scarcity in England in the ensuing years [1068-1070], and severe famine involved the innocent and unarmed population in so much misery, that... more than a hundred thousand souls, of both sexes and all ages, perished of want."
Crusades (1095-1291) 3,000,000 [make link]
Estimated totals:
Robertson, John M., A Short History of Christianity (1902) p.278: 9,000,000
Aletheia, The Rationalist's Manual: 5,000,000
Henry William Elson, Modern Times and the Living Past, (1921) p. 261: 5,000,000
Om Prakesh Jaggi, Religion, Practice and Science of Non-violence, (1974) p. 40: "The crusades cost Europe five million young men"
Fielding Hudson Garrison, Notes on the History of Military Medicine, Association of Military Surgeons, (1922) p. 106: 3,000,000 total, incl. 2,000,000 Europeans
MEDIAN: 3 million
Philip Alexander Prince, Parallel universal history, an outline of the history and biography of the world divided into ... (1838) p.207: "Although two million souls perished in the Crusades..."
Charles Mackay, Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841): 2,000,000 Europeans killed. [ [link to www.bootlegbooks.com]
Wertham: 1,000,000
John Shertzer Hittell, A Brief History of Culture (1874) p.137: "In the two centuries of this warfare one million persons had been slain..."
NOTE: No scholar has ever published a death toll of less than one million or more than nine million, so the order of magnitude is generally accepted even if the precise number is unknown.
Individual Events:
Davies: Crusaders killed up to 8,000 Jews in Rhineland
Paul Johnson A History of the Jews (1987): 1,000 Jewish women in Rhineland comm. suicide to avoid the mob, 1096.
Gibbon, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, v.5, 6
1st Crusade: 300,000 Eur. k at Battle of Nice [Nicea].
Crusaders vs. Solimon of Roum: 4,000 Christians, 3,000 Moslems
1098, Fall of Antioch: 100,000 Moslems massacred.
50,000 Pilgrims died of disease.
1099, Fall of Jerusalem: 70,000 Moslems massacred.
Siege of Tiberias: 30,000 Christians k.
Siege of Tyre: 1,000 Turks
Richard the Lionhearted executes 3,000 Moslem POWs.
1291: 100,000 Christians k after fall of Acre.
Fall of Christian Antioch: 17,000 massacred.
[TOTAL: 677,000 listed in these episodes here.]
Catholic Encyclopedia (1910) [ [link to www.newadvent.org]
Jaffa: 20,000 Christians massacred, 1197
Sorokin estimates that French, English & Imperial German Crusaders lost a total of 3,600 in battle.
1st C (1096-99): 400
2nd C (1147-49): 750
3rd C (1189-91): 930
4th C (1202-04): 120
5th C (1228-29): 600
7th C (1248-54): 700
James Trager, The People's Chronology (1992)
1099: Crusaders slaughter 40,000 inhabs of Jerusalem. Dis/starv reduced Crusaders from 300,000 to 60,000.
1147: 2nd Crusades begins with 500,000. "Most" lost to starv./disease/battle.
1190: 500 Jews massacred in York.
1192: 3rd Crusade reduced from 100,000 to 5,000 through famine, plagues and desertions in campaign vs Antioch.
1212: Children's Crusade loses some 50,000.
[TOTAL: Just in these incidents, it appears the Europeans lost around 650,000.]
Albigensian Crusade (1208-49) 1,000,000 [make link]
The traditional death toll given for the war against the Cathars is one million, which is repeated in these:
John M. Robertson, A Short History of Christianity, London: Watts, 1902, p.254 ("It has been reckoned that a million of all ages and both sexes were slain.")
Christopher Brookmyre, Not the End of the World (New York: Grove Press, 1998) p.39
Max Dimont, Jews, God, and History, (New York: Penguin, 1994) p.225: 1,000,000 Frenchmen suspected of being Albigensians slain
Dizerega Gus, Pagans & Christians: The Personal Spiritual Experience (St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn, 2001) p.195
Helen Ellerbe, The Dark Side of Christian History (Orlando, FL: Morningstar & Lark, 1995) p.74
Michael Newton, Holy Homicide (Port Townsend, WA: Loompanics Unlimited, 1998) p.117
Rummel: 200,000 democides
Individual incidents:
Flexner, Pessimist's Guide to History: 20,000 massacred in Beziers.
Beziers: 20-100,000
St. Nazair: 12,000
Tolouse: 10,000
Newton: 20-100,000 massacred in Beziers.
Sumption, Albigensian Crusade (1978): <5,000 k. by Inquisition [ca. 1229-1279]
Padua, Tyranny of Ezzelino da Romano (fl. 1237-1259)
Lonsdale Ragg, Dante and His Italy (London: Methuen, 1907), p. 127: "It is calculated that Ezzelino alone must have put to death (and usually with torture) a total of at least 55,000 people."
Colin Wilson, The Mammoth Book of the History of Murder: As ruler, 5,000 inhabitants of Padua executed. After loosing power, all but 200 of 10,000 Paduan POWs, executed.
Sicilian Vespers (1282)
Flexner, Pessimist's Guide to History: 2,000 k. 1st day.
Davies: 4,000 Fr. k. in Palermo
Gibbon D&F6: 8,000 French
Hundred Years War (1337-1453) 3,000,000 [make link]
English + French battlefield losses: 185,250 (Sorokin)
Total Loss:
Philip Pregill, Landscapes in History, 2d Ed.: Population of France began at ca. 19M; by end of 100 Yrs War, had declined by one-third. [i.e. loss of ca. 6.3 million]
Frederic J. Baumgartner, France in the Sixteenth Century: Population of France 20M in 1340, 10M a century later. [loss of 10 million]
Henry Heller, Labour, Science and Technology in France 1500-1620: 17M at beginning of 14th Century; 9M in 1440. [loss of 8 M]
NOTE: This period also includes the Black Death, so there's no telling how much of this population decline was war-related, although all three of these sources specifically point the 100YW as a principle cause.
ANALYSIS: It's usually said that the Black Death killed 1/3 of the affected populations, so we can guess that France should have lost 5.7M of Heller's 17M or 6.3M of Pregill's 19M or 6.7M of Baumgartens' 20M to the plague alone. The difference between this and the actual population decline might then be attributed to the 100YW. This would mean the war may have killed 0.0M (Presgill) or 2.3M (Heller) or 3.3M (Baumg.)
Philippe Contamine, War in the Middle Ages, p.257 (citing Hillgarth, The Spanish Kingdoms, i.342): 400,000 Moors killed at the battle of Rio Salado, 1341
West Europe (1348)
Jews killed as scapegoats for Black Death
Trager, People's Chronology: 2,000 hanged in Strasbourg
Davies: 2,000 in Strasbourg; as many as 12,000 in Mainz
Paul Johnson A History of the Jews (1987): 2,000 in Strasbourg; 6,000 in Mainz
France, Jacquerie Revolt (1358)
Flexner, Pessimist's Guide to History: 7,000 peasant massacred in Meaux
England, Wat Tyler's Rebellion (1381)
Flexner, Pessimist's Guide to History: 1,500 peasants executed
General Religious Mayhem:
An oft-repeated or summarized passage in religious polemics of the 19th Century. The earliest I found is this p.6, The Second Advent, Or Coming of the Messiah in Glory by Elias Boudinot (1815)
"Dr Moore in his divine dialogues 161, and in his mystery of Iniquity, lib. 2d, ch. 15, 10, says, 'Pope Julius was in seven years the occasion of the slaughter of two hundred thousand Christians — the massacre in France cut off one hundred thousand in three months — P. Peronius avers that in the persecution of the Albigenscs and Waldenses one million lost their lives — from the establishment of the Jesuits till the year 1580, about 30 or 40 years, Balduinus says, nine hundred thousand perished — the Duke of Alva, by the hangman, put to death thirty-six thousand — Vergerius affirms that the Inquisition, in thirty years, destroyed one hundred and fifty thousand — to this I may add the Irish rebellion in the last century, in which thirty thousand were destroyed, as tho Lord Orrery reports in a paper printed in the reign of kin Charles Sd."
From Aletheia, The Rationalist's Manual (1897)
7,000,000 during the Saracen slaughters in Spain.
2,000,000 Saxons and Scandinavians lost their lives opposing the introduction of Christianity.
1,000,000 in the Holy Wars against the Netherlands, Albigenses, Waldenses, and Huguenots.
Witch Hunts (1400-1800) [make link]
Wertham: 20,000
Jenny Gibbons "Recent Developments in the Study of The Great European Witch Hunt", Pomegranate, no.5, Lammas 1998 [ [link to www.interchg.ubc.ca] cites:
Levack: 60,000
Hutton: 40,000
Barstow: 100,000, "but her reasoning was flawed" (i.e. too high.)
Davies, Norman, Europe A History: 50,000
Rummel: 100,000
Bethancourt: The Killings of Witches, lists 628 named and 268,331 unnamed witches killed as of Dec. 2000, and estimates that between 20,000 and 500,000 people were killed as witches. [ [link to www.illusions.com]
M. D. Aletheia, The Rationalist's Manual (1897): 9,000,000 burned for witchcraft.
5 Jan. 1999 Deutsche Presse-Agentur: review of Wolfgang Behringer's Hexen: Glaube - Verfolgung - Vermarktung:
estimates cited favorably
Thomas Brady: 40-50,000
Merry Wiesner: 50-100,000
Behringer, at lowest: 30,000
estimates cited unfavorably
Gottfried Christian Voigt (1740-1791) extrapolated from his section of Germany to calculate 9,442,994 witches killed throughout Europe. From this came the common estimate of 9M.
Mathilde Ludendorff (1877-1966): 9M
Friederike Mueller-Reimerdes (1935): 9-10M
Erika Wisselinck: 6-13 Million
MEDIAN: Of the 15 estimate listed here, the median is 100,000. If we limit it to just the ten estimates that are cited favorably, the median falls between 50,000 and 60,000.
England, War of the Roses (1455-85) [make link]
Charles Carlton: Going to the Wars: The Experience of the British Civil Wars 1638-1651 (1992)
citing Thomas Craig in the 16th C.: 100,000
citing Thomas More: killed more English than the 100 yrs War
Clodfelter: 105,000
Terence Wise, The Wars of the Roses (1983): Tudor historians exaggerated death toll as propaganda
Vlad Dracula, Wallachia (r.1456-1462) [make link]
Florescu & McNally, Dracula: Prince of Many Faces: 100,000 k. (citing Bishop of Erlau, but questioning it.)
Cecil Adams: 40-100,000 [ [link to www.straightdope.com]
Flexner, Pessimist's Guide to History: in all, 50,000-100,000 victims "impaled, tortured and killed"
Turkish War (1456+)
200,000 Turks slain in various battles following their failure at the Siege of Belgrade, 1456 (The chronicles of Enguerrand de Monstrelet, p.365)
Spanish Inquisition (1478-1834) [make link]
Cited in Will Durant, The Reformation (1957):
Juan Antonio Llorente, General Secretary of the Inquisition from 1789 to 1801, estimated that 31,912 were executed, 1480-1808.
In contrast to the high estimate cited above, Durant tosses his support to the following low estimates:
Hernando de Pulgar, secretary to Queen Isabella, estimated 2,000 burned before 1490.
An unnamed "Catholic historian" estimated 2,000 burned, 1480-1504, and 2,000 burned, 1504-1758.
Flexner, Pessimist's Guide to History: 8,800 deaths by burning, 1478-1496
Philip Schaff, History of the Christian Church (1910): 8,800 burnt in 18 years of Torquemada. (acc2 Buckle and Friedländer)
Motley, Rise of the Dutch Republic: 10,220 burnt in 18 years of Torquemada
Britannica: 2,000
Aletheia, The Rationalist's Manual: 35,534 burned.
Fox's Book of Martyrs, Ch.IV: 32,000 burned
Paul Johnson A History of the Jews (1987): 32,000 k. by burning; 20,226 k. before 1540
Wertham: 250,000
Rummel: 350,000 deaths overall.
MEDIAN: 8,800 under Torq.; 32,000 all told.
Punished by all means, not death.
Fox: 309,000
P. Johnson: 341,000
Motley: 114,401
Lisbon (1506)
Trager, People's Chronology: 2,000-4,000 converted Jews k. in riot.
Tudor England [make link]
Henry VIII (r.1509-47)
Lacey Baldwin Smith, Treason in Tudor England (1986): total of 308 traitors executed, 1532-40
Holinshed, Description of England: 72,000 "great thieves, petty thieves, and rogues" hung under Henry. Traitors and enemies of the state are implicitly excluded from this total. [ [link to www.fordham.edu] XVII]
NOTE: Although it's common to accuse Henry of 72,000 executions, the description of his victims sometimes drifts from common criminals to Catholics, and the venue from nationwide to just Tyburn gallows in London.
Rummel: 560 executions per year (i.e. ca. 21,840)
Mary I (r.1553-58)
Lacey Baldwin Smith: 132 traitors executed under Q M
Morgan, Oxford History of Britain: >287 Protestants after 2/1555, and "others died in prison."
Elizabeth I (r.1558-1603)
Lacey Baldwin Smith: 183 traitors executed under Q E
Catholic Encyclopedia: 189 Catholics executed + 32 Franciscans were starved to death = 221 [ [link to www.newadvent.org]
Peasants' War, Hungary (1514) [make link]
Flexner, Pessimist's Guide to History: >70,000 deaths in all
Frederick Engels, The Peasant War in Germany: 60,000 peasants k. in battle or massacred towards end [ [link to csf.colorado.edu]
Germany, Knights' War, von Sickingen (1519-1523)
Wm Manchester, A World Lit Only By Fire: 250,000 Germans killed or executed
Peasants' War, Germany (1524-25) [make link]
Dict.Wars: 100,000 peasants slain in the war
Eerdman's Handbook to the History of Christianity (1977): 100,000
Encyclopedia.com: 100,000 peasants k. [ [link to www.encyclopedia.com]
Wm Manchester, A World Lit Only By Fire: 100,000 peasants d.
Douglas Miller: Armies of the German Peasants' War 1524-26: 70-100,000 peasants
Ivan the Terrible, Russia, (r.1533-84) [make link]
Novgorod Massacre, 1570: 60,000 people killed. (Flexner, Pessimist's Guide to History)
Decimated boyars, "killing hundreds, probably even thousands" (Richard Dunn, The Age of Religious Wars 1559-1715)
Henri Troyat, Ivan the Terrible
Toward the end of his life, Ivan drew up lists of all the victims he could remember and sent these to monasteries for prayers. One listed 3,148 people killed; another 3,750.
Novgorod Massacre (various estimates):
Kurbsky: 15,000
3rd Chronicle of Novgorod: 18,000
Taube & Kruse: 27,000
1st Chronicle of Pskov: 60,000
Troyat says that Ivan's gang of special thugs, the oprichniki, numbered 6000, and lasted for seven years. My analysis: If each one killed at least one person every year (Very possible. They were a pampered, unregulated and thoroughly nasty bunch), that's over 42,000 deaths.
Rummel: 200,000 not incl. Novgorod.
Persecution of the Waldenses (1540s) [make link]
Halley's Bible Handbook, 24th ed. (1965): 900,000 k. in 30 years (1540-70)
The Cambridge Modern History by Acton, et al. (1904) p.290: 3,000 massacred and 22 villages destroyed in 1545.
Dutch Revolt (1566-1609) [make link]
Gibbon Decline & Fall v2: 100,000 executed under Charles V, in Netherlands
John Lothrop Motley, Rise of the Dutch Republic (1855)
Alva boasted of 18,600 executions in Neth.
Sack of Antwerp (1576): 8,000 k
Philip Schaff, History of the Christian Church (1910) [ [link to ebed.etf.cuni.cz]
Dutch martyrs under the Duke of Alva: 50,000 (acc2 P. Sarpi) or 100,000 (acc2 Grotius)
Britannica, 11th ed. (1911) "Alva": Duke of Alva boasted of executing 18,000 persons in 6 years, not incl. k. battles and massacres.
Eerdman's Handbook to the History of Christianity (1977): 100,000 k. by Alva
Halley's Bible Handbook, 24th ed. (1965): 100,000 massacred under Charles V and Philip II
France, Religious Wars, Catholic vs. Huguenot (1562-1598) 3,000,000 [make link]
Robert J. Knecht The French Religious Wars, 1562-1598 (2000): Deaths during the wars estimated at 2M to 4M
St. Bartholomew's Massacre, France (1572) [make link]
Encarta hedges its bets by giving the death toll as 2 to 100 thousand.
The 15th edition of Britannica (1992) does too: 2 to 70 thousand, although it explains that the low number comes from an unnamed "Catholic apologist", while the high number comes from a contemporary Huguenot, Duke de Sully
The 11th edition of Britannica (1911) was more certain: 50,000 in the whole of France
Davies: 2,000 in Paris
Catholic Encyclopedia: 2000 in Paris; 6000-8000 nationwide
Richard Dunn, The Age of Religious Wars 1559-1715: 3,000 k in Paris, 10,000 k in provinces.
Helen Ellerbe, The Dark Side of Christian History: 10,000
Fox's Book of Martyrs, Ch.IV: 10,000 in Paris; 6,000 in Rouen; 100,000 nationwide.
Motley, Rise of the Dutch Republic: 5,000 k in Paris, 25,000-100,000 nationwide.
Rummel: 36,000 democides
Trager, People's Chronology: 50,000
MEDIAN: 3,000 in Paris; 36,000 nationwide
Russo-Tatar War (1571) [make link]
Henri Troyat, Ivan the Terrible (1984) p.144: Half million.
The Burning of Moscow: The English ambassador, Giles Fletcher, reported that 800,000 Muscovites died in the fire and panic. More realistically, the peacetime population of Moscow had been counted as 100,000; then after the fire, in 1580, the papal ambassador reported only 30,000 inhabitants. (B.G. Williams, The Crimean Tatars (2001), p. 50; Isabel de Madariaga, Ivan the Terrible (2005) p. 266.
Spanish Armada (1588) [make link]
Flexner, Pessimist's Guide to History: half of the 30,000 Spanish sailors, sailors etc. lost. 100 English KIA and 3,000 dead from food poisoning.
VD Hanson: Carnage and Culture (2001): 20,000-30,000 d.
Russia, Time of Troubles (1598-1613) 5,000,000 [make link]
Duffy & Ricci, Czars: Russia's Rulers for over One Thousand Years, p.174: "Although no reliable figures exist, the population is estimated to have plummeted during the Time of Troubles from 14 million to 9 million."
Cooper, New Cambridge Modern History, 1979, p.602: “The Troubles had cost some two and a half million lives.”
Transylvania, Countess Elizabeth Bathory (1604-1611)
Flexner, Pessimist's Guide to History: 650 girls killed for their blood.
Cecil Adams: 610 [ [link to www.straightdope.com]
The Thirty Years War (1618-48) 7,500,000 [make link]
Population Loss
R.J. Rummel: 11.5M total deaths in the war (half democides)
Norman Davies, Europe, p.568: 8 million
Richard Dunn, The Age of Religious Wars 1559-1715: After the war, the empire was 7-8 million fewer than before
C.V. Wedgwood, The Thirty Years War (1938): "The old legend that the population dropped from sixteen to four million people, rests on imagination: both figures are incorrect. The German Empire, including Alsace but excluding the Netherlands and Bohemia, probably numbered about twenty-one millions in 1618, and rather less than thirteen and a half millions in 1648. [A loss of 7½ million.] Certain authorities believe that the loss was less, but these are for the most part writers of a militaristic epoch, anxious to destroy the ugly scarecrow which throws so long a shadow over the glorious past."
Alan McFarlane, The Savage Wars of Peace: England, Japan and the Malthusian Trap (2003): Population of Germany went from 21M to13.5M. [a loss of 7.5M]
John Landers, The Field and the Forge, p.352: 5-6m
Geoffrey Parker, The Thirty Years War (New York: Routledge, 1984, 1997) p.188: “Earlier estimates that the war destroyed half or two-thirds of the German population are no longer accepted. More recent estimates are much more conservative, suggesting that the population of the Holy Roman Empire may have declined by about 15 to 20 per cent, from some 20 million before the war to about 16 or 17 million after it.” [a loss of 3 or 4 million]
Colin McEvedy, Atlas of World Population History (1978)
"Germany" [modern boundaries] p.68: 2M fewer.
"Czechoslovakia" [1978 boundaries] p.84-85: decline from 4.5m to 3.75m [.75m fewer]
MEDIAN: Of the six estimates of the overall loss of population, the median is 7½M.
Military Deaths
Clodfelter: "one source" estimates 350,000 k. in battle
Fuller, A Military History of the Western World: 350,000 k.
Corvisier, Dictionary of Military History and the Art of War, p.469: 600,000 military deaths.
K. in Battle: 180,000
Military. Killed and died: 600,000
Levy, War in the Modern Great Power System: 2,071,000 battle d.
British Isles, 1641-52 [make link]
English Civil War
Charles Carlton, Going to the Wars: the experience of the British Civil Wars, 1638-1651 (1992)
England & Wales: 190,000
Total k. in recorded fights: 84,830
Parliament: 34,130
Royalist: 50,700
War-related diseases, soldiers & civilians: 100,000
Bishop's Wars: 1,000
Accidents: ca. 500
(Thomas Hobbes est. 100,000 d. from fighting & disease.)
Scotland: 60,000
Total k. in recorded fights: 27,895
Parliament: 16,245
Royalist: 11,765
[Disease: ca. 30,000], incl. ca. 10,000 POWs who never came home
Ireland: 618,000 [see below for details.]
TOTAL: 868,000
Leslie Clarkson, Death Disease & Famine in Pre-industrial England (1975): 100,000 Englishmen, 1642-46 (citing another unnamed author, and doubting that this refers to battle deaths alone -- must include deaths by all causes)
Sorokin: 50,500 battle losses, all sides, 1642-51
Charles Carlton, Going to the Wars (1992)
Petty's 1672 estimate of dead in Ireland, covering 10/1641-10/1653:
Protestants d. by war, dis., malnu.: 112,000, incl. 37,000 massacred at outbreak. Carlton says that 37,000 is exaggeration by factor of 9 or 10.
Catholic d.: 504,000
Total: 618,000 [sic.]
Fuller, A Military History of the Western World, v.2 (1955): 500,000
R.F. Foster, Modern Ireland 1600-1972 (1988)
Irish population decline from 2.0M (ca. 1640) to 1.7M (1672) [i.e.: 300,000]
1641: 4,000 k. in Ulster
Pitirim Sorokin:
The Sociology of Revolution (1967): 100,000 to 200,000 Irish massacred, 1651
Social and Cultural Dynamics, vol.3: 5,500 battle losses, 1649-52
Hirst, Authority & Conflict: England, 1603-1658 (1986): Ulster rebellion, 1641: 4,000 Protestants k. immediately + 8,000 refugees died in winter.
Morgan, Oxford History of Britain: Ulster rebellion, 1641: 3,000 Protestants k.
France, The Fronde (1648-53)
Clodfelter: >50,000, only a fraction in battle
Poland (1648-54)
Dnieper Cossack Rebellion under Chmielnicki: 100,000 Jews k. [Paul Johnson, A History of the Jews, also Lipman, [link to www.jewishgates.org]
Clodfelter: 150,000-200,000 Jews k. in pogrom, Ukraine, 1648-49
England (17th C)
LOC [ [link to lcweb.loc.gov] 243 Quakers died in jail of mistreatment, 1652-80
Russia, (1667-71)
Razin Rebellion in Volga area: 100,000 serfs d. (Richard Dunn, The Age of Religious Wars 1559-1715)
Franco-Dutch War (1672-78)
Levy: 342,000
New England, King Philip's War (1675-76)
1992 Britannica: 3,000 Indians and 600 settlers.
Habsburg-Ottoman War (1682-99)
Clodfelter: 120,000 k.
Levy: 384,000
Russia, Peter the Great (Pyotr Alekseyevich, r.1682-1721) [make link]
George Vernadsky (Kievan Russia, 1948) contrasts P. N. Miliukov's estimate that the population of Russia declined from 16 million in 1676 (rough guess) to 13 million in 1725 (well documented), with P. P. Smirnov's assertion that the population remained stagnant at 13 million throughout Peter's reign.
Nicholas Valentine Riasanovsky, Image of Peter the Great in Russian History and Thought, p.178, claims that Russia’s population declined by 20%
David Ralston, Importing the European army: the introduction of European military (1996) p.29: Taxable households declined from 800,000 in 1678 to 640,000 in 1710. Causes given as flight, "hundreds of thousands" of deaths, and tax evasion.
Peter Neville, A Traveller's History of Russia and the USSR
Worker deaths during the building of St. Petersburg: "[C]ontemporary estimates gave a figure of 100,000 dead which is an exaggeration, but a figure of 30,000 is quite probable."
After 1699 revolt, 1,200 strelsky (musketeers) were killed.
War of the League of Augsburg (1688-97)
Levy: 680,000

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