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Message Subject Whites To Be The New Minority
Poster Handle Spine monkey
Post Content
The demographics have been trending this way for decades. It's not a surprise. Certainly the people in power know this, and have known this, for quite a while.

Just as the Club of Rome and the MIT reports back in the early 70s predicted the predicament we are now in globally, this was known way back when.

I am mixed-race, but my birth certificate says "white," because when I was born there were only two choices, "white," or "black," and though my mother was Cape Verdean, I was quite the fair-skinned child. So the doctor in Boston declared me "white." He may have been fearful that my white father would track him down and complain that I had been branded "black," or something.

In any event, I am brown, my birth certificate says "white," my wife is "white," and we have one child who is fair-skinned, light-haired, and blue-eyed, and another who has raven-black hair, a deep olive complexion, and dark brown eyes. Both are "officially" white, but neither feel that way. They feel . . . themselves.
 Quoting: Spine monkey

Forgot to add: the oldest one, the one who is blue-eyed and fair-skinned, is 18, and will be a dance major at a major American university this fall. When she dances, black girls invariably ask her if she is "mixed" because she dances "so well."
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