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Message Subject Homeless in Dallas Texas
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Good luck,OP. Everybody makes mistakes. No one is perfect. Some think they are, but they aren't.

Assuming you're a guy, there's not much help from public or private agencies for adult men. Most are aimed at women and women with children. But there are many programs aimed at alcoholics and drug addicts, and the government money must be used specifically for these two issues, so you might just lie and tell a social worker or whoever that you're an alcoholic and/or drug addict [assuming you aren't] and that will grease the wheels so-to-speak. People who're diagnoses as mentally ill [including things like depression], alcoholic or drug addict are even entitled to subsidized housing, in addition to things like SSI, whereas 'regular' homeless guys aren't.

It's unfortunately a game and guys like you have to play it. Good luck.
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