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Message Subject Kate Bush is an illuminati puppet of the Golden Dawn and a daughter witch of Queen Elizardbeth.
Poster Handle tntmacsqrd
Post Content
Still doesn't beat Annie Lennox in the Olympics closing ceremony.

Hell whore of the highest caliber.
 Quoting: Ford Prefect

Not Kate Bush's best video. Not Annie Lenox' best video. BUT , , , Hell whore!!!!!!!!!1 Illuminati puppet!!!!!!!!!!!11 WTF is wrong with you people?!?!?!?!? I suspect jealousy. Being jealous of larger than life women, makes you (OP and Fffor Prefect) smaller than life IMHO.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32873905

Just an unbelievable reply/comment, its better to keep yourself hidden in "anonymous coward" category I guess than to step out onto the world stage (as Lennox has done) and show yourself for (at the very least) a vessel of the dark energy that tirelessly works at binding us to the eternal abyss and damnation,

Yes beautiful voice, but sad choice in showcasing it, the list is endless of humans who sell their eternal souls for fleeting fame and fortune....
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