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Massive Intense Tornado hits Oklahoma Monday

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 5127178
05/21/2013 05:26 PM
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Massive Intense Tornado hits Oklahoma Monday
Tornado has Touched Down in Oklahoma on Monday and 24 People are Dead and they are finding the Survivors and the Houses is Completely Destroyed the Roofs is Blown off the House and the Houses is Flattened from the Tornado and the Local Authorities said further 40 Bodies and 51 deaths are reported from the Tornado and the Wind speed up to 320 KPH which as 200 MPH they are finding the pets and people buried underneath the rubble it also destroyed the School and the Search and Rescue Team is Finding the Kids underneath the Destroyed school from the Mondays Twister which happened at 3:02 PM Central Time it was a Very Bad Tornado to Hit Oklahoma Flattened the Houses and Destroyed the Roofs now it is Completely Destroyed.

[link to ireport.cnn.com]