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Message Subject why is Brad Pitt slamming marriage to Jenny Aniston Marriage, yet again??
Poster Handle BxMac
Post Content
He should have never left Marsha, err, Maureen McCormick.

She was the gal for Brad. Brad wouldn't have to trudge through airports with a bunch of black kids shoplifting every 20 feet if he would have stayed with Maureen. And I'm pretty sure Marsha, err, Maureen still has access to some of Greg Bady's groovy clothes (elephant bell bottoms, fringed jackets, and paisley shirts) unless, of course, his wardrobe has been placed in the Smithsonian.

Maureen even sings country. And has nice breasts. Pert. Strawberrys. With freckles (Brad could draw them on). And flowers. That's right. Flowers grow from Maureen's perfect breasts. And birds, blue happy birds fly around Maureen's perfect, lovely, goddess-like breasts. And trees.......

Brad should have never left her. Idiot. I hated him in the Bourne series and that I Bought a Zoo shit movie. And anyone could play "Ducky" in "Pretty in Pink."
Fucking Brad.

Maureen's too good for him
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