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Subject John Keely And The UFO Sightings Of 1896-1897
Poster Handle Snarf
Post Content
Pretty interesting stuff. Here's an excerpt from the article.

That being as it may, there are reports that John Keely demonstrated a rather interesting airship to the United States War Department in 1896. An earlier description by a reporter of his airship stated:

"The space which the propeller of the airship occupies in Keely's Laboratory comes within a radius of six feet square. A small space for so powerful a medium - distributing over 1000 horsepower, as tested by experiment. It consists of over 2000 pieces and weighed in excess of 1000 pounds."

Keely’s airship included a small stool that was placed so that it faced a keyboard. Many resonant plates and vibrating mechanisms were attached to this keyboard. According to Keely, when the plates were polarized with "negative attraction" the airship would rise and float above the ground. Then Keely could make his airship accelerate to any desired speed by damping out certain notes on the keyboard.

Read more here:
[link to curtiseickerman.weebly.com]
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