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Message Subject Janet Reno, Holder, Napolitano, Kagan, Roberts, our homosexual government and now the DHS, our homosexual gestapo will gladly kill all of you
Poster Handle Question EVERYTHING
Post Content
Time to wake up and figure it out. Fags are idiot nihilistic freaks who want you all dead, so they can rape your dead children's bodies.

They are completely organized, top to bottom by jews. The whole thing is financed by jews.

I do not have anything against homosexuals, but these are weaponized homosexuals and are very dangerous. They have a lot, and I mean A LOT of resentment towards normal society for their hatred of gays.

they are very vengeful people, they secretly long to take revenge on all the people who hate homosexuals, which is most people.

They are on par with jews as far as being master liars and fakers/actors. Everything in the news now is fake, stupid lgbt actors lying to everyone.
 Quoting: Council on Foreign Relations

I wish it were different but it does appear to be the case doesn't it?
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