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Message Subject Janet Reno, Holder, Napolitano, Kagan, Roberts, our homosexual government and now the DHS, our homosexual gestapo will gladly kill all of you
Poster Handle Daniel of the Rose
Post Content
Homosexuality is a symptom of a much broader mental illness:


This used to be common knowledge, but it has been changed in medical and psychiatric texts by Jews in order to "promote tolerance". Typical Jewish behavior.

Those who suffer from inversion have their moral compasses out of sync with normal, healthy society and are quite literally inverted in the values that matter to them. While it manifests itself in opposite sex relations, the problem it poses for society at large is much, much greater as it spills over into their every day life and routine decisions until it colors their entire outlook on the world. All of their decisions are influenced by their broken moral compass and the anger they feel that healthy society does not share their world view.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40274428

zionist agenda....(not the hebrews...the zionist...)
probably so the other defense would be ...disability(if seen as a mental issue...it's denial of abuse(mental,physical, or spiritual-ly abused))....but then again it is a choice right...heh
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