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Message Subject Justin Bieber says he's not in the Illuminati and is amazed at how many people believe the rumors and gossip.
Poster Handle Flo Rida
Post Content
Dear Justin Bieber,

Will you go with me to the big Bingo tournament at the nursing home where I live? Even though I'm 92 years old I'm a real hottie! (That's probably because I live in Florida, and this place doesn't have an air conditioner.)

I've got all my own teeth, but I'll remove them when I'm uh, you know, on you, if you want me to. I went through menopause decades ago so we can have lots of sex and you won't have to worry about getting slapped with a paternity suit.

If you don't go out with me I'll post a video on Youtube telling everyone what a spoiled little stuck-up brat you are.

So go out with me, PLEASE!!!

Love and Kisses,
Your Biggest (and Oldest) Fan,

Flo in Florida

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