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Message Subject CNBC admits the existence of the ‘illuminati’ on live television !!
Poster Handle CleverMoniker
Post Content
[ih-loo-muh-nah-tee, -ney-tahy] Show IPA
plural noun, singular il·lu·mi·na·to [-toh] Show IPA .
persons possessing, or claiming to possess, superior enlightenment.

"the illuminati of the country" in this context = 'people in the know'.

Personally, I'm pretty open to the concept that there is a group of shadowy people called 'The Illuminati' controlling the world. In this case, however, you seem to be just jumping at the keyword without realizing that 'illuminati' is a noun when it is not being used as a proper noun.

As in the group called themselves The Illuminati, because they considered themselves to be illuminati, enlightened people.
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