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Message Subject Virgin Mary Behind Kid in Photo
Poster Handle Griefo
Post Content
If it's not an actual person, it's probably a jinn. I see them often and they always wear robes. They are around us all the time and sometimes can be seen in pictures.
I have my doubts that people are seeing the Virgin Mary, including in the Fatima events.
The jinns wear robes and any female apparition seen in a robe is most likely a jinn.
 Quoting: Griefo

Look at the face, you really can't tell for certain that it's a female.

This may be an angel.

Since you stated, Jinn, I assume you're a Muslim.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32536008

I'm not a Muslim. I just have had a lot of experience in dealing with these type of things. Angels would never show themselves like that. They are actually really shy and only do god's will. Jinn, on the other hand, are very rowdy and they basically do whatever they want. They have free will like us and a great majority of them are just fucking with us like mad. They are living beings, made of the smokeless fire (plasma) and exist all around us. They can see us, but we can't see them. Every man, woman and child is born with a jinn attachment and they are the root cause of all our madness, anxiety, insecurity, etc.

They are our burden and it comes from way back.

They are also our a part of our extended family. So...
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