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Subject Sleep paralysis demon?
Poster Handle Incubus
Post Content
Just woke myself up from a freaky experience.

So in the dream i was at my sisters house either in the future or another dimension. It was time for bed so i laid down and fell asleep. I started to dream within the dream (ya like inception) my hs ex gf was lying with me cuddling(whom I don't speak with nor want anything to do with in real life.) i could smell her and feel the emotions i felt when i was with her (from 10 years ago when I loved her). So she was cuddling up on me and I was feeling these old emotions when i realized I don't want this. This is weird i like someone else def not her! When I tried to push her away i felt my "ex" tighten up start to growl (demon) and pull me really uncomfortably hard. I was scared because in my dream i knew I had been manipulated and this entity was not happy. Luckily i was able to wake myself up. When I woke up i thought I was at my sisters house from the future.

Soo was this some kinda demon trying to suck up my energy or just a bad dream?
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