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Message Subject Sleep paralysis demon?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
375mg GABA powder in water before bed every night will stop nightmares without interfering with REM and dreaming. Keep another 375mg in water bedside to sip if you do wake in a state.

Op, your dream sounds like a very Vivid memory, a flashback even, to your relationship with this girl. I will hazard a guess that you do not have the same intensity of feeling with your current love. It could be you are afraid to be get so close again, or it could be the new love just is not as right forvyou as the other.

See, your hs gf snarled at you when you pulled away from her for your current cf. It could be a freudian wish fulfillment dream, you long for your ex and feel snarly when you criticise the fantasy. Or it could be a Jungian animus dream. You are snuggled with your own soul, in love with your feminine nature or dream girl and this part of you does not like current gf.
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