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Message Subject Lost chance for AUTOMATIC entry into the Kingdom of 'GOD', the Earthly Paradise. Your EGOs were too big and your eyes TOO closed!
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
Please remember we are going into Eternal Life as it says in the Hymns, prayers, Songs etc but NOT by dying first. We get transformed somewhat from what we are so that EVERY aspect of us reflects the beauty of our hearts. 'HE' does not see ANY reason for ANYONE not to be beautiful! Just think, a person without legs is going to stay without legs for eternity?? An old person is going to stay old for eternity?? A sick person to stay sick for eternity??
'HE' gave you those afflictions and your suffering and will soon take them ALL away. Those with the most afflictions will obviously feel MORE LOVED than those that are currently perfect!!!
'HIS' PLAN is perfect, it ALWAYS WAS, IS and EVER WILL BE.
'HE' controls EVERY atom in the UNIVERSE , at this moment.
Relax and enjoy 'HIS' unconditional love.
Bless you
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