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Message Subject Lost chance for AUTOMATIC entry into the Kingdom of 'GOD', the Earthly Paradise. Your EGOs were too big and your eyes TOO closed!
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
Today I think that I have reached 'rock bottom'.
Because many people that I have given a huge amount of time and love to and also money still want more! They have shown a lack of respect and have not done what 'HE' has asked us to do, 'Help 'HIM' to help yourself'.
This does not just include 'new' friends but also My family and actually MOST of you!
All I have done is given pure love and understanding and have answered all questions asked, to the best of My current ability, and yet nearly all of you believe that is either not enough or must be wrong because it does not currently agree with your thoughts. For some, especially the pious religous ones, I AM a threat to your piousness!
'HE' is EXTRAORDINARY. Today 'HE' made Me feel sad, for the first time for ages, because of 'your' response but it was for Me to understand that response.
'HE' then gave to Me uninterrupted time to contemplate and, as always, I ended up with the answer, I then, as always, looked up and said, GENIUS!
Above I have written about cutting off your foot or/and hand and taking out your eye. Do you see 'HIS' order? First the foot, then the hand and then the eye BUT we know from 'HIM' that everything is inside out and back to front, and what is above is below and therefore with that in mind look at the following explanation.
How can you think that you can throw away your material possessions before throwing away your eye???
First you have to concentrate on your eye. How you see things on the outside. Your view of the world and the people in it. Get that right first and understand that there is no bad, only your way of seeing it. Then look inward at yourself and your ego and find out that EVERYTHING is from 'HIM' and so your ego is completely misplaced. After that you will KNOW what to do with your work and material possessions!!!!
So, returning to the above, everyone's response to Me has been conditioned by their EGO. Now, if I AM really 'Him' then, at this time, all My actions and words are 'HIS'! Therefore it follows that ALL of you believe you know more than 'HIM'.
Oh My 'GOD', you HAVE a LOT TO LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha.
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