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Message Subject Lost chance for AUTOMATIC entry into the Kingdom of 'GOD', the Earthly Paradise. Your EGOs were too big and your eyes TOO closed!
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
As I have said before I have given out thousands of 'love notes' giving 'power' to 'give power' to the people. These notes have gone all over the world with people that have been selected by 'HIM'. Last night I gave four to some French people sitting at a table in a pub. They were obviously middle class but also, underneath, beautiful people. They left them on the table probably because one of them, or maybe more, said they were rubbish and probably that I was mad.
Later I watched the series on television called 'Apprentice' with Lord Alan Sugar where a team of people compete in order to have the opportunity of going into business with him. One losing team had to explain why they lost and everyone was blaming everyone. Well, when people actually believe who I AM then My notes are going to be worth tens of millions each. For what would a rich man pay for salvation for his family and friends and the opportunity of working with Me???
Can you imagine the recriminations between those french people?????????????????????????????? I LOVE 'HIS' Plan for getting rid of EGOs!!!
For GLPers, if you want to become a leader then submit your reply here. Lists are going to close soon. I already have a list of the ones that 'HE' has given to Me and Michael Scott Sheldon, Azeratel Axo, Alan John Miller are at the very top, with Aether, Tequila, Septenary, Mr Nobody, NINrez, Gabriel etc.
Some have still to lose some EGO such as Lisa*Lisa.
Bless you
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Jigsaw...stop calling people out. ^^^

It is considered rude.
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