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Message Subject Lost chance for AUTOMATIC entry into the Kingdom of 'GOD', the Earthly Paradise. Your EGOs were too big and your eyes TOO closed!
Poster Handle Jennifer Juniper
Post Content
Hi OP! Just curious, I read this and it reminded me of a time a few months ago when my boyfriend found a note wrapped around a piece of chalk all wrapped up in a paper package and he watched the woman put it in the place he found it and walk away. He then walked up and took the package thinking it must be a sign (because we look for synchronistic events whenever possible and try to spread good cheer ourselves) and waited to open until he was home so we could both read it, it said:

"This is an invitation for you to share something with someone close to you but not close with. A sudden appearance of words and images can inspire people to be more present and appreciate things in a way they haven't before. When you are finished please leave this gift for someone else to find"

If you wouldn't mind, can you please explain more of what you are talking about? I understand the general gist of what you are saying, but I am a little confused as to the manner that it applies to certain people? thank you!!hf
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