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Message Subject Do Archons/Spirits/Djjin/Loa/Demons/Aliens Reside Within Electricity??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So if this was a matrix and they are in the electricty then they would be in the very fabric of the universe that appears to us and they could produce a storm cloud or put a face in the sky or even just erase the universe. Possibly. But thats a bit deep and would appear we are truly fucked.

What if they couldnt actually get here to earth some thousands of years ago but could send a piece of technology to our ancestors with was garunteed to birth the internet. Now the internet is connected to another planet, they now have the use of going down your standard electricty cables too. They now feed us info, we feed them info. We break out the atmosphere maybe and go to another planet like Mars. While they cordinate it to the very last detail. Big brother from Mars. Now we go to Mars in 2022. What comes back are human/alien hybrids. They colonize earth with a plan that took thousands of years.
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