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Message Subject Do Archons/Spirits/Djjin/Loa/Demons/Aliens Reside Within Electricity??
Poster Handle NEMO666
Post Content
OP I can tell you that you are correct. There are beings that exist within electricity. David Lynch makes this implication in his film Twin Peaks:Fire walk with me. They travel through power lines and when they are around the air feels like static. Frankly, I think painting them as good or evil would be naive. But, good for us? Probably not. There are theories about the universe being entirely electrical, I think this model would correlate to what we are describing. If all matter were actually electrical in nature and if awareness is as well, then it would be reasonable to assume these beings were perhaps aware but lack a physical body on this plane. Perhaps, these beings are demonic as in Goetic demons and exist in lower planes. I'm not entirely sure, but you are on to something that I ponder about quite often. Mainly do to my own experiences have I thought this.
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