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Message Subject Do Archons/Spirits/Djjin/Loa/Demons/Aliens Reside Within Electricity??
Poster Handle SteamrolledGobias
Post Content
On a side note why does everyone think the Djinn are evil? I saw Djinn twice when I was 17. I'm not mentally ill. I won't relay the whole experience but I saw them and they were as "real" as anything else. Hyper-real in fact.

They didn't seem good or evil. They just looked at me with a sort of cosmic, bemused arrogance. Like I was a child looking on something i couldn't even begin to understand.

I told everyone at the time that I had seen "aliens". Only a few years ago while travelling did I discover that they were Djinn.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7206780

that's it. They're not good or evil but practicing magicians know how to evocate or invocate them and have them do their bidding by giving them something. That's why I always say that if you mess around with demons expect to lose something, anything if you don't know what you're doing. Demons have to be controlled, contained or else you can lose your mind. So, I stay with God. God doesn't charge for anything...
 Quoting: sebphfx 37226996

very interesting response thank you for sharing
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