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Message Subject Do Archons/Spirits/Djjin/Loa/Demons/Aliens Reside Within Electricity??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I had a weird experience last night, I'm going to put it here because its energy related. Hope OP doesn't mind.

I was having nightmares about weird animals trying to bite me and safe places from my real life feeling dangerous - I was surrounded by dread. I spontaneously lucid dream sometimes but this wasn't one. Then I suddenly felt pulled UP and out of my dream, like something grabbed my soul and woke it up. And I layed there for about 10 mins afterwards with the feeling like there was a negative energy right against my back, like right between the shoulder blades. And I was too scared to even get up, I just prayed for Jesus to guard me. Then I fell back to sleep and don't remember anything else until I got up.

Something similar has happened before but nothing ever rescused me from the nightmares while they were happening. Not that I picked up on anyway. Its been on my mind all day. I suspect it was a negative entity causing me nightmares to feed off the energy of my fear? I just dont really know for sure. But thats what it felt like was happening.
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