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Message Subject Do Archons/Spirits/Djjin/Loa/Demons/Aliens Reside Within Electricity??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Electricity is the movement of electrons, surrounding
the nucleus of the atoms, of material that is said to
be energized, or energizable.

The atom has a center of proton and neutron, with electrons,
'in orbit' around that center.

When there is an electron that orbits alone in an outer
valence, that electron will jump back and forth from atom
to atom, producing heat, from the friction of it's movement
and this is electricity. Heat is the byproduct.

This is energized material. Like copper.

Because electrons are negatively charged in all atoms,
we are a negatively charged environment.

I believe that the state of the atoms is the reason
spiritual matter from the dark/evil side can present in our
environment to some extent.

I also believe that atoms behave as they do as a direct
result of the forces of interplanetary gravitational

Mass in motion, per direction of rotation, and spin of
the planet.

Motion would be the position of our planet in relation
to all other planets, the solar system, and the galaxy,
within complex electromagnetic fields that interact on
each other over vast distances.

I am quite sure that there are positively charged environments, that have different positions, rotations
in orbit, direction of spin, and velocities through the
spaces of the galaxy within solar systems, or star systems.

Soon, our planet will realign and become a positively
charged environment on the atomic level, and that while
the planet is in that realignment, no dark/evil side
will be capable of function within the environment.

The change from one position to another is being called
pole shift and because the electromagnetic field will
reverse, that during this event, the light spectrum
will be destabilized enough for the cones and rods of
our eyes to see what we have never seen before, that
has always been beyond our sight, intermittently.
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