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Flyover Country ROCKS!

I sell baby trees

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05/26/2013 11:39 PM

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Flyover Country ROCKS!
POLL: When you hear Madison, do you initially think of Madison, Wisconsin?
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I may be wrong in my supposition, we'll see.

I posit that when you hear the word Madison,
the capital city of Wisconsin is not the first Madison to cross your mind.

Heck, it is in freakin' Cow Country USA, right?
What does it matter to your paradigm?
There are lots of Madisons:

Madison, Alabama
Madison, Arkansas
Madison, California
Madison, Connecticut
Madison, Florida
Madison, Georgia
Madison, Illinois
Madison, Indiana
Madison, Kansas
Madison, Maine
Madison, Minnesota
Madison, Mississippi
Madison, Missouri
Madison, Nebraska
Madison, New Hampshire
Madison, New Jersey
Madison (town), New York
Madison, North Carolina
Madison, Ohio
Madison, Pennsylvania
Madison, South Dakota
Madison, Tennessee
Madison, Virginia
Madison, West Virginia
Madison, Wisconsin

And of course:
President James Madison
We all breathe the same air.
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