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Message Subject Papa John's Pizza Delivery Drive Leaves Racist Voicemail To Customer *VIDEO* Funny
Poster Handle WhiteCandyman
Post Content
Is it any wonder why Papa John's love Blacks? I mean, they're such great customers!

Look at these examples:

[link to www.tulsaworld.com]

[link to www.journal-news.com]

[link to www.wavy.com]

This non-White trash delivered cocaine with the pizza - Papa John's probably supports unlimited immigration, too:

[link to theriver1079.com]

White words garner more attention than Black murder and Hispanic drug distribution.

The brainwashed White traitors will say these crimes occur due to "poverty" - but they occur due to African apes existing among us.

Welcome to the Jewnited States of America. Diversity is our strength!
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