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Message Subject Papa John's Pizza Delivery Drive Leaves Racist Voicemail To Customer *VIDEO* Funny
Poster Handle WhiteCandyman
Post Content
Candyman, time for your generation of bigots to move on and move out.

Wrong. I am not a "bigot."

When I was younger I had a feeling that the races were different but I didn't have evidence. So I read... and read... and read.

Blacks and Whites are quite different. Blacks have thicker skulls, lighter brains, etc. Not only that, but our prehuman ancestors were different. Whites have Neanderthal DNA, Blacks don't. ( [link to www.nytimes.com]

Taking into account the physical/mental differences, the differences in historical achievement, differences in individual/group behavior and FBI crime statistics, it's easy to see that Blacks and Whites are not "equal" and never will be.

If you refuse to acknowledge facts that makes YOU the bigot, not I.

"Its not the less than 1% of extremist muslims or the poor white trash, or the ghetto fabulous welfare queens who are making this world an unsafe place to live. It is the white, middle-aged bigot that continues to fuel the fire of hate and racism in this country."

OK - prove what you just said.

Show us the statistics that prove "white, middle-aged bigots" are the ones robbing, raping, murdering, and making the world terrible.

What you blame on Whites would more accurately be blamed on Blacks (over 50% of the prison population in America is Black, but you'll just say it's due to poverty instead of their DNA. I never knew "poverty" made people rape and murder.)

"As a white man, I deal with all different types of races, religions and backgrounds in my daily working life and it is the old white folks that are the most hate-filled, bitter and just plain mean people out there."

Maybe that's because Whites are the only race on earth without a place of our own and they're tired of pandering to subhumans? Whites are way more successful, on average, than other races. You don't see millions of Whites lining up to move to Nigeria or Beijing, do you? What does that say? Why shouldn't we be bitter that OUR tax dollars pay for OUR own genocide?

Upcoming generations of folks who do not judge people by their skin tone or religious background are ready to move to the next stage of civilization and its the old bitter section of society that continues to hold the rest of us back.

"Judging someone by the color of their skin" is just a media-created (Jewish) saying that is meant to be a cheap emotional appeal. That's all. Skin color is a rough indicator of one's ancestry and that's what people judge. If we had failed to do this evolution would likely have never happened.

Please step aside, your time has passed and you have failed us all miserably. Time to pass the baton to a new way of thinking, acting and treating people.

Never, you lying little coward.

"failed us all miserably?" If you mean our ancestors failed us by fighting on the wrong side in WWII you're right! Explicitly racist men haven't run America for some time now - any "failure" is due to Jewish media dominance and the worship of subhuman animals who have never in the history of this planet created a society on par with the ones Whites have created.

So long, bigot!
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