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marshall island illuminati- KABUA FAMILY

User ID: 19392176
United States
05/27/2013 09:37 PM
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marshall island illuminati- KABUA FAMILY
just found this thread about the illuminati royal family of micronesia MARSHALL islands. a hundred years ago they buried live slaves with their dead.

they have 60 year lease for over 12$million year for KWAJELEIN atoll where american nukes are tested
[link to www.micronesiaforum.org]
User ID: 49389350
United States
02/10/2015 12:18 AM
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Re: marshall island illuminati- KABUA FAMILY
Illuminati? And so what if they're part of this imaginary families of elites? least i know, they don't have any mischevious plans on their agenda (if there is even an Agenda) and never had! i mean we should be thankful for them. their the ones who ushered the islands to a new age. The modern age. They were of those who created the Governement of the islands (Thus our first President was no one other than Amata Kabua, of the Kabua Family, united the islands under one flag (which they themselves designed, Emlain Kabua), wrote our national anthem, signed the COFA treaty, and before the name Kabua, There were part of a great clan Iroijin-Ijjidrik's who have played in every part of our islands history!!.
Illuminati's a group of people who are enlightened. So yes! the Kabuas are some of those who are enlightened in the islands.