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Message Subject ET First Contact possible between June 2-22 2013
Poster Handle Westcoasttoast
Post Content
Hate to speculate about the time you believe this will occur but I am sure we are heading towards something very big. I reside on the west coast of British Columbia I was out awaiting the full moon last night / morning May 27th 2013 1:35 am pacific standard time.
What I saw looked to be two ufo dimming their lights flashing several diferent colours then moving ever so slightly left then right often fluttering colors when in motion. I would suspect they were scanning or sending position relay via triangulation. . I thought my eyes were tricking me but all of the sudden the northernmost object dropped a fair height then slowly rose back to its original position. This happened several times. I stood looking at the skies and put the object againts a large tree close to me and also a distant tree top. The closest object was in fact moving. If I was to guess it may have been 50,000 feet in the air and a fair distance inland. The other object (less active)seemed alot farther out.
Even had the balls to wake my girlfriend from a deep sleep who also got to see the object. She left the scene upon seeing this object for only 10 seconds. DISTURBING! If I were to guess where this object was in the sky I would say it was hovering over Central B.C. Canada

No pictures,what good would they be anyways.
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