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Message Subject ET First Contact possible between June 2-22 2013
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They are already living among us I think, and they're unique characteristics like nothing else makes me think they are not advanced technology wise but they are multidimensional beings who can travel in and out from dimensions. They are highly spiritual beings who we can encounter in dreams, meditation and so on.

I myself have encountered ET entities on DMT, magic mushrooms many times. Not every times tho, but I've done shrooms about 60 times and seen an entity talking with me about 10 times, it doesn't happen to everyone.DMT will blow your mind to another dimension every time with a proper dose. That makes me think, why and what for and which kind of knowledge does the ancient people have regarding these entities, we only discovered these substances in the 1960's really. Those ancient people have been using them for thousands, probably even millions. Our oldest rock painting of mushrooms is 40 thousand years old, and there is many 9-12 thousand year old paintings. Why are psychedelics looked so bad upon? It's the most mystical thing you can ever experience and come close to the real truth.
 Quoting: s 12063821

Wow that seems like a crazy experience, I'd like to hear a lot more! do you have a blog of the experience or something, what did these entities look like? how did they communicate
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