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Message Subject Bono, Richard Branson, Olivia Wilde, Matt Damon's Strike - Attack Conspiracy Theories - illuminati
Poster Handle The Norwalk Avenger
Post Content
Conspiracy Theorisy DO have a pathology of the operations of the mind. To not understand what more educated, smarter people tell you is the reason for such and such happening, to be paranoid that there are vast conspiracies around you, is a failing of the mind. This is not the way intellectuals "question" what their professors tell them, and find out for themselves, it is purely ignorance. As I said what one of you can explain to me how a toaster works, none, yet you think you hold the high office of determining what reality is versus human experience and knowledge. It's always the loudest Ass that thinks it's carrying the heaviest load.. nuff said. If one of you has a degree in Mathematics or Physics by all means ask me about my experiences and knowledge.
 Quoting: Zombie Trayvon

Somewhere in that mess of a post, you do have a point. There are some conspiratards that are just debased ignoramuses, truly there is no helping them. I only hope they don't cause too much psychological or physical harm in their interpersonal relationships. And come on, some of the most outlandish have to be deep shills, no one capable of tying their shoes is capable of honestly holding some of the conspiracy theories as truth.

BUT that does not change the fact that it is manifestly obvious to anyone paying any attention that the world is being controlled by a small group of elites, and it appears the mass execution of most of humanity is their goal (and that they are getting precipitously close to having the technical capabilities to carry out their plan and live sustainably in the aftermath).

So suck it Bo No.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18835401

I admire your tact, but for me to make the leap into Illuminati would call for understanding of the operation of the minds of those accused. I am not willing to make that step given my personal experiences and knowledge. It's not an application of Occams razor to me. A shill is a shill yes, but a fruitcake is a fruitcake as well, and I have no respect for that flavor.
 Quoting: Zombie Trayvon

The problem is that there is too much evidence, too much in the historical record. Hard facts, aka things like the Georgia Guidestones that do not have any other purpose, apparently.

Furthermore, the resources required to put something like that together, is something that cannot be ignored. So while no one is completely right, are you going to tell me that we're all completely wrong?

Is it not historical fact that the Bavarian Illuminati was a group established in 1776, commissioned by Mayer Rothschild, that did infiltrate freemasonry? How can you simply dismiss all that? How can you dismiss the poisoning of our food supply and policy, the persistent symbolism and misleading reporting in mass media, the erosion of civil liberties?

Just because you don't believe something doesn't mean others don't, and it certainly doesn't stop them from striving for whatever their agenda may be. If someone claims that they can manifest an avatar of Moloch if they just kill 5,000 babies... well, hey, guess what? Moloch may be a figment of his imagination, but he's going to take 5,000 babies with him to prove us right. Really turns the concept of 'logic' on its head. Logic can be used to justify anything.

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