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Message Subject Bono, Richard Branson, Olivia Wilde, Matt Damon's Strike - Attack Conspiracy Theories - illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That made me sick! What was that? Sounds like their making fun of people who don't have water? Saying they won't go to the bathroom. If you don't go to the bathroom you will be a celebrity like them, that's what they said. What is that supposed to mean? They said illuminati and conspiracy? What exactly are they trying to relay? Sounds like they are mocking the public to me. I hope they all Shite their pants. Who is that old dude he looks like a real MF! No one would think they were in the illuminati? Lol! Like they have control? Over what? Acting! Lol! Why don't they donate some of their money instead of buying more Shite they don't need and really help people that need water, bunch of morons. The only people that really make a difference are regular hard working people, not plastic puppets like these idiots. What about the preacher over in Africa building schools for kids and protecting them, he's just a simple man from PA.
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