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Message Subject Bono, Richard Branson, Olivia Wilde, Matt Damon's Strike - Attack Conspiracy Theories - illuminati
Poster Handle mohr
Post Content
Conspiracy Theorisy DO have a pathology of the operations of the mind. To not understand what more educated, smarter people tell you is the reason for such and such happening, to be paranoid that there are vast conspiracies around you, is a failing of the mind. This is not the way intellectuals "question" what their professors tell them, and find out for themselves, it is purely ignorance. As I said what one of you can explain to me how a toaster works, none, yet you think you hold the high office of determining what reality is versus human experience and knowledge. It's always the loudest Ass that thinks it's carrying the heaviest load.. nuff said. If one of you has a degree in Mathematics or Physics by all means ask me about my experiences and knowledge.
 Quoting: Zombie Trayvon

Omg what school did you attend sounding smart wont make you smart you might want to check a few easy words you spelled wrong
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